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Lobo's Howls & Growls - Best and Worst of 2009

- A -

Ajami(8 Howls)
A Serious Man(9 Howls)
A Single Man(5 Howls)
An Education(9 Howls)
Adam(7 Howls)
Afghan Star(8 Howls)
Adventureland(8 Howls)
Angels and Demons(3 Howls)
Antichrist(2 Howls)
Avatar(6 Howls)
Away We Go(3 Howls)

- B -

Beaches of Agnes, The(8 Howls)
Big River Man(6 Howls)
Blind Side, The(6 Howls)
Bliss(9 Howls)
Bright Star(9 Howls)
Broken Embraces(8 Howls)
Brothers(8 Howls)
Bruno(0 Howls)

- C -

California Dreamin'(6 Howls)
Capitalism: A Love Story(8 Howls)
Cheri(3 Howls)
Coco Before Chanel(5 Howls)
Cold Souls(6 Howls)
Cove, The(9 Howls)
Crazy Heart(9.25 Howls)

- D -

Damned United, The(8 Howls)
District 9(8 Howls)
Duplicity(6 Howls)

- E -

Easy Virtue(4 Howls)
Everlasting Moments(7.5 Howls)
Every Little Step(7.5 Howls)
Extract(5 Howls)

- F -

500 Days of Summer(7 Howls)
Food, Inc(8 Howls)
Four Seasons Lodge(7.5 Howls)

- G -

Goodbye Solo(8 Howls)
Great Buck Howard, The(8 Howls)

- H -

Herb and Dorothy(9 Howls)
Hotel for Dogs(7 Howls)
Hurt Locker(9 Howls)

- I -

In the Loop(8 Howls)
Informant!, The(5 Howls)
Inglourious Basterds(9 Howls)
Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The(7.5 Howls)
International, The(5 Howls)
Invictus(7.5 Howls)

- J -

Julie & Julia(8 Howls)

- K -

- L -

Last Station, The(6 Howls)
Law Abiding Citizen(4 Howls)
Lemon Tree(8 Howls)
Living in Emergency(7 Howls)
Local Color(3 Howls)
Lovely Bones, The(7 Howls)
Lorna's Silence(4 Howls)

- M -

Maid, The(8.5 Howls)
Men Who Stare at Goats, The(3 Howls)
Merry Gentlemen, The(8 Howls)
Messenger, The(8 Howls)
Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Elsberg, The(8 Howls)
Mother(8.5 Howls)

- N -

Nine(6 Howls)

- O -

Outrage(7 Howls)
Owl and the Sparrow(7 Howls)

- P -

Paris(7.5 Howls)
Taking of Pelham 123, The(8 Howls)
Pirate Radio(7 Howls)
Precious(9 Howls)
Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The(8 Howls)
Police, adjective(3 Howls)
Prophet, The(8 Howls)
Public Enemies(8 Howls)

- Q -

- R -

Ricky(7.5 Howls)
Road, The(9 Howls)
Rudo y Cursi(8 Howls)

- S -

Secret in Their Eyes, The(6 Howls)
Seraphine(8 Howls)
Sherlock Holmes(4 Howls)
Sita Sings the Blues(8 Howls)
Soloist, The(7 Howls)
Star Trek(9 Howls)
State of Play(7.5 Howls)
Still Walking(7 Howls)
Sugar(7.5 Howls)
Summer Hours(8 Howls)
Sunshine Cleaning(8 Howls)

- T -

Taken(6 Howls)
Time Traveler's Wife, The(7 Howls)
Two Lovers(8 Howls)

- U -

Up In the Air(7.5 Howls)

- V -

Valentino: The Last Emperor(8 Howls)

- W -

Watchmen(7.5 Howls)
Where the Wild Things Are(9 Howls)
William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe(8 Howls)

- X -

Whatever Works(7 Howls)
White Ribbon, The(8 Howls)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine(3 Howls)

- Y -

Yoo Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg(7 Howls)
Young Victoria, The(9 Howls)
Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love(6 Howls)

- Z -