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Lobo's Howls & Growls - Best and Worst of 2010

- A -

Ahead of Time(7.5 Howls)
Alice in Wonderland(7 Howls)
American, The(5 Howls)
Animal Kingdom(9 Howls)
Another Year(9 Howls)
Art of the Steal, The(9 Howls)

- B -

Barney's Version(8 Howls)
Biutiful(9.5 Howls)
Black Swan(5 Howls)
Blue Valentine(6 Howls)
Book of Eli, The(8 Howls)

- C -

Casino Jack(6 Howls)
Catfish(7.5 Howls)
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer(8 Howls)
Company Men, The(7 Howls)
Conviction(7.5 Howls)
Creation(7.5 Howls)
Cyrus(7.5 Howls)

- D -

- E -

Eat Pray Love(3 Howls)
Exit Through the Gift Shop(9 Howls)
Exploding Girl, The(2 Howls)
Extraordinarry Measures(7.5 Howls)

- F -

Fair Game(8 Howls)
Farewell(8 Howls)
Fighter, The(9 Howls)
Fish Tank(5 Howls)

- G -

Girl on the Train. The(7 Howls)
Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The(8 Howls)
Girl Who PLayed with Fire, The(7.5 Howls)
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The(8.5 Howls)
Ghost Writer, The(8 Howls)
Greenberg(7 Howls)
Green Zone(8 Howls)

- H -

Harry Brown(7.5 Howls)
Hereafter(5 Howls)
Holy Rollers(7.5 Howls)
Hot Tub Time Machine(0 Howls)
Howl(9 Howls)
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel(7 Howls)

- I -

Inception(5 Howls)
In Search of Memory(7 Howls)
Inside Job(8 Howls)
Iron Man 2(4 Howls)

- J -

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work(8 Howls)

- K -

Kids are All Right, The(8 Howls)
Kings Speech, The(9 Howls)

- L -

Last Train Home(8 Howls)
Leaves of Grass(7.5 Howls)
Lebanon(8 Howls)
Legend of Pale Male, The(8 Howls)
Let Me In(8 Howls)

- M -

- N -

Neshoba: The Price of Freedom(8 Howls)
Next Three Days, The(7.5 Howls)
Nobody's Perfect(7.5 Howls)
Nora's Will(8 Howls)

- O -

Oath, The(7 Howls)
Ondine(5 Howls)
127 Hours(9 Howls)

- P -

Please Give(9 Howls)
Prince of Broadway(8 Howls)

- Q -

- R -

Rabbit Hole(9 Howls)

- S -

Solitary Man(7.5 Howls)
Shutter Island(4 Howls)
Social Network, The(9.5 Howls)
Somewhere(2 Howls)
Soul Kitchen(8 Howls)
Splice(6 Howls)

- T -

Town, The(9 Howls)
True Grit(8 Howls)

- U -

- V -

- W -

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps(8.5 Howls)
Waste Land(8.5 Howls)
Welcome(8 Howls)
Winter's Bone(5 Howls)
Wolfman(5 Howls)
A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop(9 Howls)

- X -

- Y -

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger(5 Howls)

- Z -