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Movie Review: 200 Cigarettes

Okay, so this is what happened. My friend and I were all set to see October Sky and the theater was closed for a private screening. Sooooooooo, we went to see 200 Cigarettes. And the consequences of that decision were awful.

Story: None

Starring: A lot of people named Affleck, Courtney Love (looking baaaaaaaaad), sort of grown-up child actors and the East Village (looking too clean).

Acting: Terrible

Lobo Howls: 2 (It was under the 2 hour rule, so it got some points)

Note: This is the first movie to go on my 'Worst List' for 1999, which is a dubious distinction. Also, it was so bad that I only stayed for two reasons. One, it cost me $9.50 and two, I kept myself busy by keeping watch of all the many mistakes they made in historical content to the time period in clothing, language and scenery (it was NYC on New Year's Eve, 1981).