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Movie Review: 8 Women

Story: Not to be confused with 8 Men out or 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag this is a very French film ala director Francois Ozon (Under the Sand). It is a quirky homage (my limited French vocabulary is now being used) to the 1950's Hollywood musical, mixed in with a little of Agatha Christie's whodunit's.

Essentially there are 8 women living in a household under one man's roof, whose murder is discovered. Whodunit? - Howtheydidit? - Whytheydidit? - is slowly discovered via satire, comedy and musical numbers. Does it work well? Not very...but I still enjoyed the ride. The 8 women are a delight to watch (even though they are very stereotypical and two dimensional). Everyone seemed to be having a grand time making the film. I only wish that the movie transferred that feeling to me.

Acting: All 8 women are grand. If you have ever seem a French film you will recognize one of the main players.

Critters: A doe (a deer, a female deer)....

Food: Following in the salute to musicals of the '50's...people did not eat way back then and they appear to not eat in this film either. (Some of the outfits were so tight I don't think the director dare have the women eat during the film.)

Visual Art: Some wonderful tacky portrait paintings.

Blatant Product Placement: None.

Soundtrack: Delightful.

Opening Titles: A lovely opening sequence leading the viewer into the main locale.

Theater Audience: Fairly crowded for a midweek afternoon. Does anyone have a normal 9 to 5 job anymore?

Quirky Meter: 3

Predictability Level: I did not know where the director was going with this film until midway.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: No French nits to pick.

Big Screen or Rental: You can probably skip this film entirely unless you like anything I have said about it. However, if you want to watch the beautiful Catherine Deneuve in some of my favorites you could rent: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Indochine, Les Voleurs, Place Vendome, Dancer in the Dark, East-West.

Length: Under the 2 hour Lobo rule.