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Movie Review: A Letter to True

Alternate Title: Woof!

Story: Ever talk to your dog? If you have nodded 'yes' then you will definitely want to see this film by photographer, writer and director, Bruce Weber. Not only do I talk to my cat, I have even send postcards to my pets when I travel.

Weber loosely bases his sometimes self-indulgent quasi-documentary around a letter written to one of his five Golden Retrievers - True. In a series of vignettes, that have little connection other than experiences that Weber has had, he covers life's toils (and were also subjects of his various photo assignments for Vogue) and hardships. At day's end, we humans can count on the loving devotion of a companion animal for comfort and consistency.

Subjects as diverse as Elizabeth Taylor, Martin Luther King, Jr., war photographer Larry Burrows, actor Dirk Bogarde, September 11th and the Haitian refugee problem are covered and somehow gel through the return to focus on Weber's collection of companion animals.

The love and devotion of a companion animal is solid, uncompromising, unconditional and oh so reliable in this topsy turvy war weary world.

Acting: The cast of wonderful dogs include Palomino, Big Skye, Rain, True, Polar Bear, Guy, Cloud, Sailor, Hope, Whizzy, Jake and Tyson, the Cat for Peace.

Predilection: I love animals - all of them. I have been a volunteer Zoo Guide at the Central Park Zoo for the past 15 years. It is no accident that 'critters' is one of my long time Lobo categories.

Critters: All of the above mentioned animals plus an elephant, donkeys, a rooster and horses.

Visual Art: Weber's excellence as a photographer is evident throughout.

Soundtrack: Glorious.

Theater Audience:A Handful of animal lovers.

Sappy Factor: 2

Quirky Meter:2

Tissue Usage: I wavered between broad smiles and tears. Bring a tissue or two.

Oscar Worthy: No

Nit Picking: It was a bit disjointed.

Big Screen or Rental: Forget renting anything. Take time out and go to a shelter and adopt a dog or a cat that desperately wanted to love you.

Length:90 minutes.