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Movie Review: Almost Peaceful

Alternate Title: Resiliency

As most of the old time Lobo reader's know I have an annual Oscar contest. This year's Fifth Annual Lobo Oscar winner, Ferne Spieler, picked up her prize yesterday. As promised, I bought her ticket (over her objection) and treated her to a small popcorn (her choice). I told her she did not have to stick to the LOBO movie template. Here is her review. Enjoy!

Thoughts: This lovely ninety minute French film takes place immediately after W.W.II and follows a group of mostly Jewish Parisians who attempt to restart their lives and rekindle their capacity for happiness in the shadow of unspeakable horrors.

The director, Michel DeVille, deals with the Holocaust that is now past but which is still ever-present in varying degrees in the characters who work in the tailoring business owned by Albert and Lea in central Paris. There is sadness, laughter, joy and sorrow evident in the everyday lives of these people, and we are able to experience all of these feelings with them.

The film takes the Freudian therapeutic approach that the only way we can move forward with the rest of our lives is to come to terms with our pasts.

The New York Times review of this film ended with a statement that sort of sums up my feelings ":It takes talent to make audiences care about ordinary people doing ordinary things, just as it takes guts to end a movie with something as corny as the sounds of children playing."

The soundtrack is both lovely and haunting - with many violins and a wonderful cello.

The camera work was slow and caring, with no quick cuts or interruptions. I particularly liked the many times the director cut from moving images to still photos to capture the scene more vividly for a longer time.

This is a beautiful and moving little film about something so terrible we would just like to pretend it didn't happen. Movies like this one won't let us.

Lobo Howls: 7