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Movie Review: An Ideal Husband

Story: Love, deception, treachery, blackmail, manners, and politics. These are the key elements in many great films. However, this Oscar Wilde adaptation just didn't work for me. I had to keep pinching myself to remember the story was supposed to be 1895, not 1999, but this updated version was just too 'hip' for its own good. I was also too often reminded of the roots of our own gender problems in today's society. What can I say?

Acting: Rupert Everett is still adored by the camera (and me) and says everything that everyone thinks. Jeremy Northem and Kate Winslett ( a long way from Elizabeth here) are both terrific. Minnie Driver was a bit too cute and Julianne Moore's teeth really bothered me.

Sappy Factor: 4 (the ending was too neat)