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Movie Review: Any Given Sunday

Story: The only thing that would get me to see a movie about football would be Al Pacino as star and Oliver Stone as director. And, oh yeah, a very dear friend who wanted to see this film. I really like Oliver Stone's work ( Scarface, Salvador, Talk Radio, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, Natural Born Killers, Wall Street, Nixon, U-turn and more ), however - every movie demands a screenplay and this one just didn't make a first down. The story was very weak. The whole story boils down to sport as war replete with triage at half time, psyching out the enemy and winning at all cost. Stone portrays women as drunks, shrills, whores or 'ho's, harpies, greedy grab alots, cheerleaders or groupies. Men are treated as warriors, greedy grab alots, power mongers and giant phallic symbols. Speaking of phallic symbols - we have a first in American film history - there are more naked men seen on screen than women! Hip, hip hooray! If you like football, or large naked men, this film might be for you. It is good movie making, sans script. One more thing - it could have used sub titles at times with much of the language in street talk - that I could not understand, but also didn't care.

Acting: Al Pacino is always worth watching - he does not appear naked. Cameron Diaz should stick to comedy. Jamie Foxx got this role when Sean 'always in the news Puffy' Combs declined the part. He was just fine as the third string quarterback who gets his big break and learns to be a team player, but I have no idea if he was acting. There are also many men and women who have spent their whole lives in the gym and look mighty buff.

Pets: 2 fluffy white dogs and a dwarf caimen.

Visual Art: A few very bad oil paintings.

Soundtrack: Very loud and pounding.

Sappy Factor: 5

Length: 40 incredibly long minutes over the 2 hour Lobo Rule.