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Movie Review: Arlington Road

Story: Still grieving over his FBI wife's death, College History (American terrorism) Professor Michael Faraday becomes increasingly suspicious of his new neighbors, Oliver and Cheryl Lang. It turns out his paranoia is real (isn't it always?) Let the fun begin.

Acting: Jeff Bridges, from The Dude in The big Lebowski (on my top ten list of '98), to the delicious brother in The Fabulous Baker Boys, to my all time favorite, Starman, which by the way, I would like to see a prequel or a sequel to, can do no wrong in my cinema book. He is even more handsome and intense in his everyday man way. Tim Robbins, who we know is politically to my left in real life (if possible) is deliciously eerie as a right wing pyscho seemingly normal suburban neighbor. Joan Cusack's familiar grin becomes terrifying as the psycho neighbors oh so normal wife. (I am glad I don't live in the suburbs).

Sappy Factor: None (Note: This film was supposed to be released last May but was held up because of the Columbine shootings).

LOBO HOWLS: 8.5 (I love surprise endings)