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Movie Review: A Walk on the Moon

Story: Summer, 1969, a bungalow colony near Woodstock, NY. A small film that builds quietly and sweetly to a decisive conclusion with the advent of Woodstock, the Festival. Anyone that still looks fondly back to the 60's (as I do) will enjoy this film. The characters, dialogue, costumes are all right on the mark (except for the mother-in-law....My mother-in-law was certainly not like this one -Tovah Feldshah - nor was anyone else's) anyway, the film worked for me.

Acting: Diane Lane (still beautiful and all grown up), Anna Paquin (still growing up and doing a pretty good Brooklyn accent for an Aussie), Viggo Mortensen and Liev Shreiber as the lover and husband, respectively, both understated and well-played.

Distraction: The sound track was terrific but I found myself getting pulled back to memories of my own life in the 60's (or what I remember as my life)...somewhat distracting.