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Movie Review: Bandits

Story: Twenty something German film director Katya Von Something weaves an all-babe road movie crammed with music video type situations. Four rock star wannabes escape from a female prison as they become pop icon heroines as they criss- cross Germany attempting to elude the incredibly inept polizei. Imagine a Bonnie and Clyde (without Clyde) plus a Thelma and Louise, and Louise and Louise (minus Brad Pitt but with another young hunky type who becomes a hostage), crossed with clips from the Monkees TV show and you sort of have The Bandits. I was hoping for a Run Lola Run (another German film that I really liked) experience but was let down. It was fun but there were way too many music videos and the film seemed long even though it was under the 2 hour rule.

Acting: Solid performances by the four leading females although all were clearly types. The two main male roles were stereo typical as well (and none too flattering).

Visual Art: None

Pets: One bad scene with dogs (unnecessary violence, but showed the good side of the bandits.

Sappy Factor: 3