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Movie Review: Barbershop

Story: What was my motivation for seeing this film, you say? Well, I'd heard a blurb on the national tv news that Jesse Jackson strongly objected to this film. This was reason alone for me slapping down my ten bucks to it. I didn't actually hear why Jackson objected and could only surmise after seeing it that he was opposed to the conversations in the barber shop concerning Rosa Parks and some of the other Civil Rights heroes. I actually had my best laughs during this part of the film. What I objected to was the following - the plot, the story, the stereotypes, the script, the music and let me see, is there anything else to object to? Oh yes - the acting.

Basically it is the South side of Chicago, in the baddest part of town... where everyone hangs around in the barber shop (sort of like the TV bar Cheers, only with scissors). There are some bad dudes, repentant dudes, one white guy who thinks he is black, a loan shark, way too many characters and some very unflattering depiction's of women, other minorities, black men and of course, the police.

Stay away! Stay far, far away and not because of anything Jesse Jackson has to say.

Acting: The script was so bad that there was nothing the actors could do to save themselves. I can only hope they all had a good time making this film.

Critters: Just of sounds of some ferocious dogs.

Food: Apple juice, fried chicken, fried fish and mashed potatoes.

Visual Art: Just some old photos on the barber shop wall.

Blatant Product Placement: generic fried chicken.

Soundtrack: Guess what? There was lots of rap music.

Opening Titles: Don't remember.

Theater Audience: Three white people

Sappy Factor: 3

Squirm Scale: Only because the film was so very awful.

Predictability Level: Over the top.

Tissue Usage: I cried because I paid ten bucks to sit through this. Jesse Jackson owes me!

Oscar Worthy: Ha!

Nit Picking: Don't get me started. I am horrified that this was the #1 film in the US last week.

Big Screen or Rental: Stay away. Read a book.

Length: About 100 excruciating minutes.