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Movie Review: Blast from the Past

Story: 1962, San Fernando Valley, Cuban Missile Crisis..... Inventive scientist (Christopher Walken, cast against type) saves his pregnant wife (Sissy Spacek does comedy) from impending nuclear blast.They take to his fallout shelter which is equiped with all they need for the 35 years to stay underground. Terrific beginning, many funny sight gags and 60's, 70's and 80's references. Their baby, 35 years later, has become Brendan Fraser (admittedly I am developing quite a thing for this hunka burnin' love) wants to meet a girl and so the movie continues as he goes up to present day earth (if The Valley can be included in that phrase).

Acting: Other than Alicia Silverstone who plays Eve to Brendan Fraser's Adam everyone is funny and palatable.

LOBO HOWLS: 7 (Comedies lose some point value, but it was under the 2 hour Lobo rule and now I have to add points if Fraser is in a movie...hence the 7)