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Movie Review: Bowfinger

Story: Bobby Bowfinger, a Hollywood 49 year old loser/producer/director convinces his loyal band of cinematic wannabe followers that he has signed mega star Kit Ramsey for his new movie project but Kit doesn't want to see the cameras or meet his co-stars....this new filming technique is called nouveau cinema. This technique and the silly side plots make for hilarious comedy. I belly laughed and tittered throughout the entire movie.

Acting: Steve Martin, who wrote the film (brilliant comic, actor and BIG art collector) is perfect as Bobby Bowfinger. Just the right amount of humor and sarcasm concerning the farce of his own business. Eddie Murphy, plays two roles and has returned to being a very funny man. I haven't seen a movie of his in a very long time. Terrance Stamp (looking almost as good as he did in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) is perfect as the head of a Hollywood cult called MindHead. Heather Graham ( she was Roller Girl in Boogie Nights) is perfectly cast as the ditzy/ingenue/whore. Many funny supporting characters add to the hilarity. I particularly enjoyed the illegal aliens signed as extras.

Pets: Betsy the dog was terrific and had a big part.

Visual Art: Mostly old movie posters. Many with funny changes in the title. My favorite was a picture of a car with the title The Hugo Story, by Bobby Bowfinger.