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Movie Review: Bowling For Columbine

Story: Bang, Bang, you're dead! could be the subtitle for this provocative essay by Flint, Michigan native and documentarian, Michael Moore. As writer, producer and director, Moore explores the answers as to why we are such a trigger happy, gun totin,' shoot first, ask questions later, society. His timing for the release of this film could not be more appropriate with the madman that is on the loose in the DC area.

Maddened by the shootings at Columbine HS in the spring of '99, Moore embarks on a sometimes rambling journey to discover why we kill each other in such disproportionate numbers than the rest of the world. In particular, he delves into why children kill other children. Some of my preconceived notions were overturned - others, not.

His methods as a documentarian can be questioned, but I applaud his guts and determination to pursue these tough questions. The imagery is at times extremely painful to watch and many of the scenes are sometimes hilarious and often surprising.

Go see this film even if you are an NRA member, as is Moore. It will make you think.

Acting: Not an appropriate category for a documentary film. However, it was fascinating to watch the interview with NRA President, Charlton Heston and the rock n roller, Marilyn Manson.

Critters: None that I can recall.

Food: None.

Soundtrack: Funny.

Theater Audience: Amazingly crowded for a midweek, mid afternoon showing. All ages and both sexes.

Quirky Meter: 3

Squirm Scale: 4 (there is some very disturbing film footage).

Predictability Level: I was surprised by some revelations and statistics.

Tissue Usage: 1

Oscar Worthy: Why not?

Nit Picking: He needs more editing.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen - go support the big lug. For his other films, you could rent, Roger and Me, Canadian Bacon and The Big One.

Length: Two hours.