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Movie Review: Boys Don't Cry

Story: The disturbing 1993 true story of the final months of a 21 year old Nebraskan woman named Teena Brandon who lived the last years of her life as a male called Brandon Teena. We watch helplessly as Brandon drifts towards what we know is the ultimate violent fatal conclusion in this desperate, confused life. This film does nothing to promote tourism for the so called American Heartland or the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce. First time, twenty something director Kimberly Peirce has brilliantly adapted this much written about story into film. Either she is a one trick pony or she has a long (lucky for us) celluloid career ahead of her.

Acting: Hilary Swank (she was new to me as I have never seen her in Beverly Hills 90210 or The Karate Kid) plays Brandon/Teena. She is hypnotically brilliant. She is a bit Peter Pan-like, androgynous for sure, but ultimately convincing and Oscar worthy. (Boy, am I glad that the summer movies are long gone). Chloe Sivigny as Lana, the girlfriend, nails this part in an equally difficult role. She sensitively and believably convinces me of her roller coaster relationship with Brandon from loves first bloom to the price she pays for her loyalty. Terrific also are Peter Sarsgaard and Brendan Sexton III as the violent, controlling sociopaths who instill fear (just like the two characters in another Heartland biopic, In Cold Blood) the moment they appear on screen. Jeanetta Arnette as Lana's mother is perfect and finally, also fine is Becky (the original daughter on The Roseanne Barr Show-I forgot her name), still living the blue-collar trailer park life.

Visual Art: None

Pets: None (this time I was happy about that)

Sappy Factor: Minus 5

Length: Under the 2 hour Lobo rule