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Movie Review: Breakfast of Champions

What a dilemma! A new Nick Nolte movie, but it is starring Bruce Willis. What's a fan to do? Obviously the lure of Nick stays strong - and so.......

Story: Based on a 1973 Kurt Vonnegut satire (he appears in a cameo a la Hitchcock), written and directed by the talented Alan Rudolph (who also directed Nick in the wonderful but underrated Afterglow), is the story of car dealership owner Dwayne Hoover, the big man in Midland City, USA, who is ever present selling his wares on TV, Radio, Billboards, etc. It is about the frenzied consumerism in America, spiritual crises, the meaning of life and other hokey stuff. If you are not a big fan of any of the actors, stay away. This is a rambling, dated mess.

Acting: It was worth the $9.50 to see Nick Nolte playing a transvestite, seen wearing red ladies underwear and some lovely at-home leisure outfits replete with high heels. He looks very good in chiffon and blindingly (Prince of Tides) handsome in his black mortician's suit that he wears to the car dealership where he is asst. sales manager. This guy has reach! Bruce Willis had two expressions in this film. One confused look (head tilts to one side) and one salesman-like look ( lots of teeth with head centered). The best scene was a long interaction between Nolte and Willis, where these two macho men play wimps, revealing secrets to each other. Albert Finney (I am a big fan) is a bit over the top. Glenne Headly in a part that Terri Garr would have had 15 years ago. Lucas Haas (cute kid in Witness) in good as Bunny, the son. Vicki Lewis (the ditzy secretary on Newsradio and Nick's real life live - in love) plays the same role here. And then there is Barbara Hershy..... someone has got to tell her to Just say no! to anymore cosmetic surgery. Frightening!

Visual Art: Quite a bit and it worked well.

Pets: A parakeet named Billy, and a bulldog and a cat in cameo appearances (both good).

Sappy Factor: 5 (Message ending - ugh!)

LOBO HOWLS: 4 (Note: 3 of the points are for Nick Nolte)