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Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain

Alternate Title: Secrets & Lies

Story: This film will rip your heart open. It is sensational movie making by director Ang Lee. It is a gorgeous film to watch, it touches the soul and moves your winter heart to weep. It is based on the 1997 short story in The New Yorker by Annie Proulx and scripted by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana.

It is a love story for the ages. Two young cowboys fall in lust with one another one summer herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain. It is 1963 Wyoming and the story follows these two men as they deny their love for one another by marrying and fathering children. Their yearly dalliances grow over the next twenty years.

It is about the consequences of living a lie. It is pre-Aids and pre-so-called 'gay' agendas. One's true nature needs to be fulfilled or one's life will suffer the consequences heavily.

I was riveted throughout this beautifully photographed film (Rodrigo Prieto). The story washed over me as I was taken in by these beautiful characters. Please take time over this holiday season to check out this film. You will not regret it.

Acting: 2005 has had some incredible performances by men. This film adds more names to quality performances. Heath Ledger's performance knocked me over. His reaches deep into his soul to pull off this character. Jake Gyllenhaal is also terrific as the other cowboy. The entire supporting cast is fabulous as well. This film garnered seven Golden Globe nominations.

Predilection: None

Critters: Tons of sheep, some horses, an elk and dogs.

Food: What's a campfire without tons of beans.

Soundtrack: A haunting track adds to this film.

Opening Titles: Credits are at the end.

Visual Art: The scenery (Alberta Canada substitutes for Wyoming) is eye popping brilliant.

Theater Audience: A handful of folks who did not bother to fight NYC's transit strike.

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: I was always nervous that some physical harm would come to these two beautiful men.

Drift Factor: The film washed over me. I did not look at my watch once even though it was over the two hour rule.

Predictability Level: Even though I did not read the short story I knew what was ultimately bound to happen.

Tissue Usage: If you do not at least well up at the end of this film you need to rethink your hardened heart.

Oscar Worthy: Absolutely.

Soap Box: Much can be said about the people who have to live in the closet. I can only hope that one day (in my lifetime) all people can live openly the way they want to live with all of the rights that they deserve.

Nit Picking: Not a nit to pick.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen for sure. For some other Heath Ledger films, try renting: The Brothers Grimm, Lords of Dogtown, Ned Kelly, Monster's Ball, A Knight's Tale and The Patriot.

Length: Two hours and fifteen minutes.