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Movie Review: Confidence

Story: If you are young and have never seen any films about cons (confidence games) you will really enjoy this film. If you are like me and have seen many films in this genre you will still enjoy the film and get some good laughs but don't start comparing it to the many great 'con' films or you will quickly change your mind.

Written by Doug Jung and directed by James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross) this con involves an appealing bunch of lugs who are out to avenge a lost comrade and make a cool 5 million in the process. Like most con story lines, the set ups are always more fun to watch than the execution. This film is no different. You have witnessed it all before but it was still fun to watch. It is stylish and fast paced. Is it worth plunking down your admission money? We didn't complain and got 90 minutes of entertainment.

Acting: The acting made the film. A terrific cast starring Ed Burns, (The Brothers McMullen, She's the One) who, as leader of the gang is handsome, stone-faced and just fine for this role. I was driven to distraction by his likeness to Ben Affleck (and that is not meant as a compliment). Dustin Hoffman as King looked like he was having a fine time as the creepy bad guy. The talented supporting cast of lugs included Paul Giamatti, Andy Garcia, Luis Guzman and Rachel Weisz, as the skirt.

Predilections: I like films about capers and/or cons.

Critters: None.

Food: Kung Pow Chicken, soup, coffee and some other unidentifiable edible that is used as part of the bait for one of the marks by the female lead.

Visual Art: None that I could notice. However, the camera work was a bit heavy handed with many stylish technique so there could have been some details I overlooked because of all of the visual distraction.

Blatant Product Placement: Nike.

Soundtrack: Honestly can't remember.

Opening Titles: We are catapulted directly into the action. The titles are slickly presented after five minutes of story line set up.

Theater Audience: There were less people in the theater than actors in the film.

Squirm Scale: Dustin Hoffman was a little creepy.

Predictability Level: Moderately high. I knew the thieving, lovable lugs would somehow be all right - I simply was not sure how they would pull it off. That part of a caper is always fun.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: The use of two cameras (near and far) in several of the shots was annoying.

Big Screen or Rental: Wait for cable. A better choice of film, if you like capers, is The Good Thief, now playing in your local theaters. Rachel Weisz is an interesting and beautiful actress to watch. How about renting some of her other films - About a Boy, Enemy at the Gates, Beautiful Creatures, Sunshine and The Mummy.

Length: 90 minutes.