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Movie Review: Crimson Gold

Alternate Title: Iranian Bomb

Story: This film was a bomb! It was boring, self-indulgent, scriptless and head scratching. So what was salvageable you might ask? I liked seeing present day Teheran (it does not look like bombed out Baghdad). It appears to be a thriving, cosmopolitan city. I found the underlying themes of urban alienation, class conflict, corruption and the arbitrary harassment and arrest of citizens food for thought.

The main story (and I use the term very loosely) involves a disgruntled pizza delivery man and how his frustration and anger at his lot in life leaves him to rob and to commit murder (all of which is shown in the first five minutes of the film). The remaining 90 minutes is spent depicting the reasons he came to this dramatic conclusion. This explanation of 'why' is the big problem with the film.

Iranian director Jafar Panahi (The White Balloon and The Circle) does not pull off this banned in Iran film. I wanted to like it but it simply missed the mark on too many levels.

Acting: The actors were nonprofessionals and it showed.

Predilection: I like foreign films and I liked his previous films.

Critters: Sounds of dogs barking but none were visible. Most of the film is shot in the dark.

Food: Pizza

Visual Art: I can't recall any art but I am sure there were some things on the walls of the upper class apartments that were shown.

Blatant Product Placement: None. But I have a blatant product placement of my own to report. After leaving the theater we went to the new 'Container Store' on 6th Avenue and spotted Billy Crudup (who looks mighty fine in a waif like way) at the checkout counter,

Soundtrack: Can't recall.

Opening Titles: None.

Theater Audience: Surprisingly crowded.

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: We squirmed because it was so bad.

Predictability Level: The opening shot revealed the ending so there was nothing to think about. BIG MISTAKE!

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: HA!

Nit Picking: Get a script!

Big Screen or Rental: Neither. But how about renting his other two films?

Length: 95 minutes.