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Movie Review: Deep Blue

Alternate Title: Water Water Everywhere

Story: It's a jungle out there. But this jungle, where every animal is someone else's dinner, in underwater. BBC documentarians Alastair Fothergill and Andy Byatt treat admirers of wildlife to a travelogue of wonderful sea living animals and birds that feed from the sea.

There is not a whole lot of information imparted during the film but it is wonderful to watch. They travel from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from coral reefs to vistas and creatures miles below the sea.The bottom line is birth, death and renewal.

If you are a wildlife nut like me you will enjoy the film. If you would rather order fish in a restaurant and could not care less where they come from - stay home.

Acting: Obviously there is no acting but the narrator, Pierce Brosnan is a bit annoying at times. When I was investigating this film for background, I discovered that there are five different narrators for this release (including Michael Gambon for the English audience). I wonder why we could not have Michael Gambon and got Pierce Brosnan?

Predilection: I am a conservationist and also like documentary's.

Critters: How can I count how many? Penguins, dolphins, albatross, whales, sea lions, polar bears, sharks, eels, etc, etc, etc.

Food: As I said before, everyone is someone else's dinner.

Soundtrack: The sound track is very cloying at times. The score by Oscar nominee George Fenton pissed me off at times. He gives certain predators sinister music to hunt by and then gives other animals silly, upbeat music to implying that they are innocents. I objected to his putting a good or bad connotation to certain animals.

Opening Titles: Dolphins playing in the surf and a simple title.

Visual Art: The whole movie is a visual treat.

Theater Audience: 12 other animal lovers. A mother brought her two young boys. I am not sure this film is appropriate for kids under 12 without a little talk about the food chain.

Squirm Scale: There are a few scenes where sea lion pups and a young whale do not fare well and it is difficult to watch.

Drift Factor: I did drift a bit during some of the deep water ballet type scenes that seemed to go on too long.

Oscar Worthy: No. It is no Winged Migration.

Soap Box: I would have liked more of a conservationist message to come out of this film. Other than a few sentences at the end of the film there was no mention of what we are doing to our oceans.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen would be the way to go.

Length: 90 minutes