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Movie Review: The Deep End

Story: Ever have one of those days when you can't catch a break? When things are out of control? Well, you ain't experienced nothin' like what this soccer Mom of three has to deal with in The Deep End. Writers, directors and producers Scott McGehee and David Siegal deliver a fast paced and updated version of the 1940 film The Reckless Moment based on the 1947 novel The Blank Wall, by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. The story involves homosexuality, murder, blackmail, a very protective mother, lots and lots of water, beautiful scenery, some terrific acting, a few unbelievable moments and of course, redemption. I was riveted for the first 40 minutes and then found myself getting very disappointed (I hate when that happens). Should you see it? Absolutely...read on.

Acting: Anything with British actress Tilda Swinton (Orlando) is worth seeing. She is fascinating to watch and is one hell of an actress. Goran Visnjic (TV's E.R.) is also easy on the eyes and somehow makes his part work.

Critters: This mom must have hand her hands full and simply couldn't deal with another mouth to feed...so alas, there were no animals.

Food: To busy with all of the mayhem to have a bite.

Visual Art: Some touristy scenes of Lake Tahoe and ship paintings.

Blatant Product Placement: None - unless you count the casinos of Reno, such as Harrahs.

Soundtrack: Everything from Jaws type music to Swan Lake.

Opening Titles: Nice simple titles over lots and lots of water.

Theater Audience: It was very crowded for a mid-afternoon film.The audience burst out laughing (as did I) at one scene where our TV doctor character performed CPR. It broke the spell in what should have been a dramatic moment. I don't think anyone in the audience took anything seriously after that scene. A BIG directorial mistake.

Quirky Meter: 2 (anything with Swinton is a little quirky).

Predictability Level: Medium

Oscar Worthy: No

Nit Picking: The bad guy was not believable at all.

Big Screen or Rental: It is pretty enough to merit a big screen viewing. How about renting some Swinton films such as Orlando and The War Zone which also stars Sexy Beast's Ray Winstone.

Length: 110 minutes