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Movie Review: The Door in the Floor

Alternate Title: Dissolution

Story: I loved this film! (I did not want you to have to wait to read the number of Lobo Howls so I decided to tell you how I felt from the get-go.)

Writer director Tod Williams has brilliantly adapted the (first third) of John Irving's novel A Widow for One Year onto the big, wide screen.

We learn quickly that Ted and Marion Cole's marriage is on the rocks. They are shells of human beings after suffering the loss of their teenage boys five years before. The film is about loss, humanity, art, passion, anger, love, forgiveness and is also a coming of age film all rolled into one.

Do people ever really recover from their state of grief? Who moves on and who does not? What separates those that can create a life after loss from those who simply cannot? This film tackles those and other heartbreaking questions throughout.

I cared deeply about these wrecked souls. The writing was terrific, the cinematography beautiful and the casting topnotch.

If you want to escape from summer blockbusters and use your brain and heart for a change, run to see this film.

Acting: Do I hear Oscar calling? Jeff Bridges was wonderful, honest, expansive and a wonder to watch in each and every frame. Kim Bassinger is stunning and brings home another beautiful nuanced performance. Jon Foster, as the lucky coming of age kid, delivers a fine innocence to his character. Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota) is adorable as the four year old child. Mimi Rogers is brave and funny as both she and Kim Bassinger are very exposed in the film.

Predilections: I like John Irving, Jeff Bridges and Kim Bassinger and I especially like films about artists.

Critters: A dog in the foggy distance.

Food: Booze, chips, ketchup, grilled cheese sandwiches and squid.

Visual Art: Lots of wonderful water colors (by Jeff bridges, who is also quite a good photographer).

Blatant Product Placement: Mercedes and Coke.

Soundtrack: Perfect.

Squirm Scale: 0

Tissue Usage: I admit to some welling.

Oscar Worthy: Abso -Starman-lutely!

Nit Picking: No nits to pick.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen, absolutely. Jeff Bridges has been entertaining us for thirty years. For some of his other films you could rent: The Contender, Arlington Road, The Big Lebowski, White Squall, American Heart, The Fisher King, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Tucker, Starman, Against All Odds, Cutter's Way, King Kong, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and The Last Picture Show.