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Movie Review: Edtv

Story: Ron Howard, who was practically born on TV, brings us back to the ultimate TV show. A shlub is picked out of nowhere and becomes an icon, celebrity, product-endorsing, gets fame for 15 minutes, American. There are some good laughs, and for a few moments one thinks that Ron Howard might surprise us (but doesn't).

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, who has already had his 15 minutes in real life. does quite well in the shlub role. Woody Harrelson, who I think IS his brother, plays Woody Harrelson at his slimiest. Jenna Elfmann (Darma) plays the girlfriend and basically pouts or cries the whole movie...very annoying. Sally Kirkland (Mother), Martin Landau (Father), Rob Reiner (bad guy?), Ellen Degeneres almost as herself, are all fine supporting in their roles.