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Movie Review: Bombon, El Perro

Alternate Title: How Bombon Got His Groove

Story: Calling all dogs appearing in film lovers. This charming Argentinean feel good film is a winner. DirectorCarlos Sorin (Historias Mininas) tells a bittersweet tale of a middle aged man who has run out of luck. He has lost his job, his daughter does not want him living with her anymore and no one wants to buy his handmade knives. Into his life comes a thoroughbred dog who also has run out of luck. How this odd couple finds love, companionship and hope is at the core of this heart felt film.

Director Sorin uses non-professional actors (other than the dog) which adds additional charm to this poignant film. The landscape of harsh and spectacular Patagonia adds an other world quality to this simple and entertaining film.

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Acting: It is hard to believe that Juan Villegas is not a professional actor. He has a face that only Job could have had. He carries the weight and hope of the world on his face. I loved him. The dog was sensational too.

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Critters: Dogs and more dogs.

Food: Turkish food

Opening Titles: Simple titles juxtaposed over the sensational Patagonia landscape.

Theater Audience: Surprisingly crowded most likely with dog lovers.

Drift Factor: No drifting here.

Predictability Level: I was not sure what was going to happen and was delighted by the surprise ending.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: Why not?

Soap Box: This breed has been banned in several countries. The owners should be banned not the dogs.

Big Screen or Rental: I am not sure if you will find this small film at a theater near you. But check it out on NetFlix as soon as you can.

Length: 90 minutes