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Movie Review: Enigma

Story: A World War II thriller, directed by Michael Apted, written by Tom Stoppard and based on the true story by best selling novelist, Robert Harris (though many details have been changed for the screen). It takes place at a secret site, 60 miles north of London, called Bletchley Park, where a bunch of mathematicians have been breaking Nazi codes and helping to save many of the Allied forces (think A Beautiful Mind, without the schizophrenia). The code breaking parts are fascinating stuff. If you are looking for a challenging film, check this one out.

Acting: Tom Jericho, as the brilliant code breaker, is terrific. I wonder why we haven't seen more of this guy. Kate Winslet, in her first fully clothed role in a long time (although I have a feeling she might have been pregnant in real life) was also great.

Critters: Some sheep and cows.

Food: It's England, it's the War. What do you think?

Visual Art: Lots of maps. (I like maps.)

Blatant Product Placement: None.

Soundtrack: Don't remember.

Opening Titles: Don't remember. These are the kinds of details that get lost if I wait a week to write a review. Sorry!

Theater Audience: More people than I expected. I suppose many folks were escaping the neighborhood noise.

Predictability Level: It was based on a true story so this category is moot.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: The secondary love story, seen in flashbacks and some of the chase scenes were annoying and took away from the very interesting code breaking tale.

Big Screen or Rental: Chances are this film will not be in your neighborhood and will go directly to video so you might want to rent some of director, Michael Apted's films...The World Is Not Enough, 42 Up, Thunderheart, 35 Up, Gorillas in the Mist, 28 Up, Gorky Park, Continental Divide, Coal Miner's Daughter. Or, check out some of writer, Tom Stoppard's films...Shakespeare in Love, Billy Bathgate, The Russia House, and Empire of the Sun.

Length: Two Hours.