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Movie Review: Facing Windows

Alternate Title:The Grass Just Seems Greener on the Other Side

Story: Do we have an effect on the people we meet? I sure hope so...or what would be the point of all of our drama and interaction? Director Ferzan Ozpetek delivers an absorbing story with fascinating characters while weaving two stories separate together with great panache.

A struggling young couple with two children happen upon a lost, confused old man. They inadvertently take him into their home and the two stories begin. As the viewing audience we get passion, longing, history, memory, new beginnings and some great food along the way.

Is what we see across the way from us so much better than what we have? Can we change the rut we seem to be in? This film seems to answer those questions while at the same time delivering a very entertaining film. Go see this film and then have some fine Italian food for an after film treat. Mangia!

Acting: Fine performances across the board. Giovanna Mezzogiorno (who won the Italian equivalent of an Oscar for this performance) is riveting as the wife, nurturer, would-be lover and caretaker. Massimo Girotti as the old man is stellar. Raoul Bova as the hunky neighbor is a treat for the eyes and Filippo Nigro as her perplexed husband is terrific. All of the supporting crowd deserve praise as well.

Predilection: I tend to like foreign films.

Food: Let them eat cake - and pies and tortes and crepes and cookies and muffins. Abbondanza!

Theater Audience: A small appreciative crowd.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Nit Picking: No nits to pick.

Big Screen or Rental: Check it out on the big screen and escape from some of the other summer explosive films.

Length: Under two hours.