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Movie Review: Fahrenheit 9/11

Alternate Title: Passion of the Left

Story: Oscar winning, writer, director, producer, provocateur, nemesis of the right, hero of the left and sometimes pesky voice of the middle, Michael Moore delivers his best film yet. I won't bother giving you any background on this film because you have to have been recently hatched not to have heard about it with all of the free publicity he has managed to garner for this Cannes film festival Palme 'd Or winner.

I know that he personally bothers a lot of people who actually agree with his philosophies (I won't discuss the folks who hate what he has to say). My position is that someone has to be out there on the front lines (similar to PETA's 'in your face' style -- by the way, I support that group too).

He has managed to simplify a very complicated topic (why we went to war with Iraq) which will be eye opening to those who do not read the newspapers or listen to the news. He meanders a little but mostly stays on message. When the subject matter gets too sad or horrifying he resorts to his comic satirical self for those much needed belly laughs. Does he manipulate his facts and point of view? Absolutely! But I applaud someone with the guts to face this powerful administration and what we know will be the forthcoming onslaught from the right.

Acting: Not applicable in a documentary.

Predilection: I like Michael Moore's work, agree with his politics and support his efforts.

Critters: Monkeys

Soundtrack: A fine choice of tunes to go along with the various scenes.

Opening Titles: Ten minutes or so into the film the titles come on in simple white type over a black background.

Theater Audience: There were about 50 people for this first showing on a Monday morning after a #1 box office blockbusting weekend of ticket sales. The crowd was varied from business men in suits to college students. I was interviewed for TV's NY1 as we exited the theater. They wanted to know if I had an opinion. Boy, were they asking the wrong person! My movie buddy was also asked for her opinion but she works for the media and was not able to speak on camera. She thought what I said, 'rocked.'

Tissue Usage: I cried a little and was heartbroken for most of the film (in-between the laughs).

Oscar Worthy: Yes.

Nit Picking: It needed to be edited a bit in the middle.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen without a doubt. For Moore's other films, try: Roger and Me, The Big One, And Justice for All and Bowling for Columbine.

Length: A little under two hours.

Soapbox: If there ever was a film that cried out for an additional rant, this would be the film. I have been politically active my entire life and have a group of friends that have been meeting for the past 14 years to discuss current events on a quasi-regular basis. I try to keep my politics out of my movie reviews but I am sure that on occasion they do slip in as a predilection or two. (Don't worry, I will resort to my nonpolitical Lobisms immediately.)

With that being said: I encourage everyone reading this review to engage your friends, family or coworkers in a political discussion. See this film and go do something proactive. This is the year to get involved either with your time or your money (or both). Get someone to register to vote. If they don't know how -- help them. You can always tell when someone has not voted. They avert their eyes when the topic is broached. Better yet...try to change someone's mind. If you know a fence sitter, get them off of the fence and out to vote. Go team, go! Below is a website for you to forward to those who are not registered. Click Here: Check out "FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION" http://www.fec.gov/votregis/vr.htm

LOBO HOWLS: 9.25 (why did I give it an extra .25? - As Bill Clinton recently said, "Because I could").