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Movie Review: Run Fatboy Run

Alternate Title: Marathon Man

Story: If you like films brimming with low culture and sight gags about flatulence, itchy scrotums and pus - this just might be the film for you. Everyone else should stay home. First time director David Schwimmer (Friends) knows a lot about TV sitcoms and this film is exactly like that format but longer.

An English loser named Dennis, left his amazingly gorgeous pregnant fiance, Libby, at the alter. Fast forward five years and we find shlumpy Dennis, miraculously a part of his son's life. He is a security guard in a lingerie store (you can imagine the gags set up here) while renting out a small apartment from a stereotypical funny, fat Indian man. Libby meanwhile, is dating a wealthy American broker who happens to be an obnoxious jerk. See where this is going?

The two men in Libby's life end up competing in a Marathon. The out of shape, certainly not fat, Dennis, somehow gets himself ready in just three weeks to run a marathon. I dare not tell you more as I do not want to ruin any of the surprises. (That was a joke). There were absolutely no surprises in this wholly predictable, but on occasion laugh out loud funny film.

If you wait three months you will most likely see this film on an airplane.

Acting: Simon Pegg as Dennis, also wrote this fluff (I just read he is to play 'beam me up' Scottie, in the new Star Trek film). There was something engaging about him in that kooky English slapstick kind of way. Thandie Newton as Libby was okay but her character sure does make odd choices in men. Dylan Moran, as the best friend of Dennis had the best lines and was the most enjoyable to watch. Hank Azaria, sure has bulked up since I last saw him. If I did not know better I would think he was on steroids. Harish Patel was funny as the landlord but I am sure many will be offended.

Predilection: None.

Critters: None.

Food: Carbo loading for the marathon.

Sex Spectrum: Talk of sex, but nothing other than Dylan Moran's and Hank Azaria's butts were seen.

Blatant Product Placement: Nike

Soundtrack: Amusing

Opening Titles: Cutesy graphic credits at the end.

Theater Audience: It was an advance screening therefore it was crowded.

Weather: The weather was delightful in this London set.

Sappy Factor: 3

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: The popping of the blister scene was squirmy.

Drift Factor: I drifted quite a bit thinking bout my own marathon days.

Predictability Level: Over the top.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No

Big Screen or Rental: Neither

Length: 90 minutes