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Movie Review: Felicia's Journey

Story: Felicia's Journey is slow, long (though under the 2 hour rule) and disappointing. I have been a fan of Canadian director and screenwriter Atom Egoyan since his masterful 1997 Sweet Hereafter. This time, while his movie making is stellar and the imagery and soundtrack are solid it never pulled itself together. It actually felt like two movies instead of one really satisfying one. This is a subtle low key thriller that never gives you the thrills. A middle aged guy who is trapped in 1950's mores and is a psychological basket case meets and aids a very young, pregnant Irish girl. He has more than good intentions on his mind. As in the Sweet Hereafter there is implied violence, which should be exciting enough, but sadly it is not.

Acting: Bob Hoskins ( scads of movies including Hook, Mermaids and Roger Rabbit) is terrific as the repressed serial killing, middle aged chef. New comer Elaine Cassidy as Felicia shows great promise and Egoyan's wife Arsinee Khanjian is great as Hoskins videotaped cooking Mom a la Julia Child.

Pets: Sadly none

Length: Under the 2 hour rule

Sappy Factor: 0

Quirky Meter: 5