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Movie Review: The Fight Club

Story: OUCH! Without revealing too much plot, this is a satirical/not quite science fiction/ at times cartoonish-like story of a 30 year old, stuck in a boring job, whose life consists of endlessly purchasing things through catalogues. (The first 30 minutes of the film are brilliant). After six months of suffering from insomnia he decides to start to attend 'support meetings' in order to feel something - anything. He becomes addicted and goes to any and all groups from testicular cancer survivors to TB sufferers to the platelet deficient. He meets Tyler Durden, his exact opposite, they bond, move in together and form The Fight Club. A place where men can go and beat each other to a pulp thereby relieving themselves of their daily frustrations. A franchise is formed. Sound appetizing? Well, lots of the movie is actually funny - true, at times it is also grotesque, but always very interesting. Both men and women are treated with disdain and Martha Stewart had clearly not been called in as a consultant in the set decoration department. The homoerotic draw of the film made for an interesting audience makeup. It seemed to me that both males and females were enjoying buff Brad Pitt and the Fight Club boys.

Acting: Edward Norton, a smart actor who is consistently excellent, earns his money (altho not the 20 million I hear Brad Pitt got) in the role as the 30 year old narrator. Brad Pitt, looking simply marvelous and oh so buff...those pecs and that ab...I found myself waiting impatiently for more of those revealing fight scenes. Both actors work very well together. Helena Bonham Carter (a very long way from her Merchant Ivory days) is delightfully trashy as the sole female in this testosterone mad flick. Meatloaf (in yet another comeback) is quite good as the testicular cancer survivor. And a special salute to all of the personal trainers who must have worked overtime on this film.

Visual Art: Do pecs count?

Pets: One penguin

Sappy Factor: 0

Length: 20 minutes over the Lobo 2 hour rule