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Movie Review: Flawless

Story: I needed another film to add to my worst of '99 and I certainly got it today. Entitling a film as Flawless was just crying out for someone to yell ......NOT! A tiresome buddy movie (this time between a drag queen and a retired macho security guard who just had a stroke) along with a background story of a drug dealer looking for his stolen money, this film drags (no pun intended) on and on. Stereotyping, bad dialogue, jiggly claustrophobic camera, one dimensional characters, poor lighting it is generally boring and offensive. Written and directed by Joel Schumacher (who went to Parsons School of Design and started out as a costume designer, became a writer and then director - St. Elmo's Fire, The Lost Boys, The Client, etc.).....he meant well, but it failed miserably.

Acting: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (who is now in every movie) is good as Rusty the drag queen - but it is an over the top part with too much fluttering hands, clenching of teeth and breast and witty 'isms'. Robert DeNiro as the stroke victim (just like his role in 'Awakenings') is insulting to his long resume. Many supporting characters add color, more stereotyping and a few laughs.

Pets: One dead canary

Visual Art: Too dark to tell

Sappy Factor: 4

Length: 111 minutes (it was still too long)

LOBO HOWLS: 3 (1 point was added because it was filmed in NYC)