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Movie Review: The Gates

Alternate Title: They Had a Dream

Story: If you lived in NYC in the winter of 2005 you probably got to experience THE GATES in Central Park. Directors Antonio Ferrara and the amazing Albert Maysles chronicled this artistic feat from start to finish in this homage to a dream.

Maysles has documented six other projects by Christo and Jean Claude. We are lucky to see extraordinary footage of the seeds of their 26 year struggle to bring this project to fruition. The artists literally had to fight City Hall through many administrations until Michael Bloomberg gave them the go ahead.

The film spans the building of The Gates in situ, comments from passers-by and many gorgeous views of the project while it was in the Park for those two fabulous weeks in an otherwise cold, dreary February.

Christo and Jean Claude never like to discuss the meaning of their work so if you long for a 'why' you will be disappointed. Appreciating the film is like experiencing The Gates itself - just go and be dazzled.

To see more of the artists' projects and two that are on the drawing board go to: http://www.christojeanneclaude.net/

Acting: Not applicable in a documentary

Predilection: I had the privilege to work on this project as one of the Guardians of the Gates for 10 extraordinary days in 2005. It was an experience I will never forget.

Critters: Many dogs, pigeons and squirrels.

Opening Titles: An opening shot of Mayor Bloomberg announcing the project and then a sequence from 1979 when they first presented their project to a very negative City.

Visual Art: An amazing blaze of saffron, fortitude and brilliance.

Theater Audience: This glorious tribute to a 26 year long project in the making closed the Tribeca Film festival on Sunday. It was a partisan crowd with lots of laughs, cheers and applause. BRAVO!

Weather: The winter of 2005 brought us every type of winter weather.

Drift Factor: The film, while wonderful, could have been edited a bit.

Oscar Worthy: No

Big Screen or Rental: I think this film will be available for rental soon enough. It is an HBO production so perhaps it will be shown on Cable.

Length: 100 minutes.