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Movie Review: The General's Daughter

Story: The Army's jingle, Be, all that you can be kept running through my head watching this fairly implausible, yet entertaining movie. Basically the story is about the murder of the General's daughter, kinky sex, misogyny, and the new army.

Acting: John Travolta ( still pudgy, yet charming ), James Cromwell (Babe the Pig's farmer Dad, in a mean role), James Wood (another personal favorite, who by the way is aging nicely), Madeleine Stowe (I wonder why she doesn't get many roles) and the real surprise was Clarence Williams 111 (remember Linc from the Mod Squad? Well, his facial expression is exactly the same. The only difference in his appearance is he is fatter and more gray). Everyone is adequate...but their parts are mostly suffocatingly stereotypical.

Sappy factor: 0