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Movie Review: Gerry

Story: Another name for this film could beWhat NOT to do on a Day Hike!

Two young men go out on a day hike, get hopelessly lost and we get to accompany them on this very arduous journey.

Director Gus Van Sant has abandoned his recent boffo box office film-making and created a film that will appeal to a very small crowd. Why? Because you have to have patience, think and be able to become a part of this minimalist film. Nothing explodes, there is almost no dialogue and there are long passages of walking and watching clouds roll by. Not your kind of film? Then you are better off staying home. The film actually transcends itself and becomes another art form. It became a painting for me.

Acting: It is hard to comment on the acting of the two stars and co-writers, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck, since there is not much dialogue. But, as a fellow walker I must say that they did walk well. They both had nice, even, long strides until the elements overtook them.

Predilections: I unabashedly follow the careers of creative souls, like Gus Van Sant, who share my own art school roots. RISD : Rhode Island School of Design : http://www.risd.edu/precollege_overview.cfm

Critters: Three horses and talk of animal tracks.

Food: If only they has some or water food they wouldn't have been in such a mess.

Visual Art: The astonishing desert landscape of Argentina, Death Valley, CA and Utah.

Blatant Product Placement: None.

Soundtrack: Minimal. The soundtrack seems to fade as the boys get more lost and we are left listening to the wind, birds and unfortunately, for me...the #6 train. The theater is located over the subway and I could hear the train as the film got quieter. I convinced myself it was the earth rumbling in the desert and not the #6 train.

Opening Titles: None.

Theater Audience: A few loyal Van Sant followers.

Quirky Meter: 4

Predictability Level: I had no idea where this film was going.

Oscar Worthy: No - although it did get kudos at a few of the independent film festivals this year.

Nit Picking: Casey Affleck mumbled much of the little dialogue he had. It was annoying.

Big Screen or Rental: Unless you are a big fan I think -- rental. How about some of Van Sant's other films such as: To Die For, My Own Private Idaho and Drugstore Cowboy.

Length: 103 minutes.