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Movie Review: Giuliani Time

Alternate Title: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Story: As a native New Yorker and longtime critic of Rudy Giuliani I found this in depth review of his time as Mayor of NYC a reaffirmation of my negative views of this man, his politics and his philosophy.

Director Kevin Keating started this project in 1998 primarily as an exploration of the First Amendment abuses that Giuliani perpetrated on our fine town for so many years. In the course of filming this documentary the City faced the horrors of the 41 shots that killed Amadou Diallo, the storm trooper tactics of the Street Crimes Unit, the tumult over the Sensation exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, the arrest of street artists, the public dissolution of Giuliani's marriage and his aborted Senate run against Hillary Clinton. The project became much larger in scope.

Keating thoroughly dissects Giuliani's rise from a Justice Department employee in the Reagan Administration and his politics during the heinous Haitian refugee situation to his becoming the US attorney for the Southern District of NY (you can thank Senator Al D'Amato who was responsible for his appointment which is not in the film - but that's another story).

I was thoroughly enrapt during this film and had a visceral reaction while watching. Many bad events surrounding Giuliani time came flooding back to me.

And then of course everything changed. September 11th was Rudy's shining moment as the faces in Washington disappeared and his was the only one America saw. It was a brave face and even I, longtime critic, have nothing but praise for his initial response and handling of the City's tragedy.

Will the rest of America want to see the other Rudy? That remains to be seen, doesn't it? For me, I would like Rudy to stay out of public office. He is a danger to all of our dwindling First Amendment rights.

Acting: Not applicable in a documentary.

Predilection: I am not a fan of Rudy.

Opening Titles: The opening sequence is a grabber.

Visual Art: The City always looks good to me.

Squirm Scale: I always squirm when I see Rudy. When he was Mayor he had more face time on TV than any other public official in my memory. He was everywhere - all of the time.

Drift Factor: I only drifted when I recalled how angry I was when he was Mayor.

Predictability Level: If you lived in NYC under his thuggish administration there are few surprises. For everyone else, there will be many.

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No

Soap Box: Rudy Giuliani has shamelessly profited (and continues to profit) from 9/11 more than any other figure in public life.

Big Screen or Rental: For those politicos out there, this film is a must. Go to the big screen for sure.

Length: Under two hours.