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Movie Review: Al Franken: God Spoke

Alternate Title: Thou Shalt Have Levity

Story: Documentarian extraordinaire Chris Hegedus (The War Room and Startup.com) and Nick Doob focus their cinema verite style of filmmaking on Al Franken. It is funny, a bit meandering but always engaging. The film covers a year in the life of Franken. The year was 2003-2004. The scope includes the inception of Air America Radio, through the 2004 elections.

We also get to see the young Al Franken in his 1977 Saturday Night Live clips, photos of his youth in Minneapolis, his parents, his saintly wife, Franni and clips of his various appearances at clubs, bookstores and theaters. He is a funny, passionate, somewhat goofy guy with a big, big heart.

If your politics lean left like mine you will enjoy this film and get some big laughs, a few sighs and a glimmer of hope as Franken considers a run for the US Senate in 2008 from the great state of Minnesota. If your politics lean towards Bill O'Reilly, stay away.

Acting: It is a documentary.

Predilection: I like Al Franken.

Critters: Al has a black Lab.

Opening Titles: A funny sequence with Al as Moses holding the 10 commandments.

Theater Audience: A handful of happy left wongers like us.

Quirky Meter: 1 - Al Franken is a bit quirky.

Squirm Scale: Watching the Republican National Convention again made me squirm.

Drift Factor: No drifting for us.

Oscar Worthy: no

Big Screen or Rental: Support the Indies and go to the big screen if you can.

Length: 90 minutes