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Movie Review: Happenstance

Story: In these uncertain times people long for an answer for the seeming lack of control (as if we ever had control)in our lives. Voila! Along comes another wonderful French film (I also saw the fabulous Amelie this week) for you to go see and enjoy. They are both about coincidence (coincidentally both starring Audrey Tautou), fate, karma, destiny (you know what I mean). The driving force behind this charming film is that our random actions do not go unnoticed in the universe. Everything we do will have a consequence. You know the adage... 'if a butterfly flaps its wings in the rain forest ... it will create weather conditions across the earth' (or variations on that theme). There are about a dozen characters whose lives overlap, cross or intersect. How these vignettes unfold is surprising, funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Go see it ... you never know how it will change your life. Written and directed by Laurent Firode.

Acting: Everyone is fabulous. They are tres French. Oo la la!

Critters: A dog and a cockroach (no French poodles, though).

Food: It is French ... of course there is food.

Visual Art: French filmmakers seem to pay great attention to detail. I love that.

Blatant Product Placement: French stuff.

Soundtrack: Nonintrusive.

Opening Titles: Unimpressive.

Theater Audience: A fascinating crowd. It was playing in one of those tiny theaters with about 50 seats (built a long time ago when people were obviously shorter and thinner). It was pretty crowded and just about everyone brought some material to read while waiting for the film to begin. An overwhelming number were reading the New York Times (what else)? But I laughed when one woman pulled out La Monde (the French newspaper) while her date was reading the New Yorker. But my very favorite was one bold woman who unashamedly pulled out the National Enquirer and was reading about aliens landing in Kabul. Gotta love New Yorkers!

Quirky Meter: 3

Predictability Level: Lots and lots of fun surprises.

Oscar Worthy: Probably not.

Nit Picking: Nothing. I went with the whole shebang.

Big Screen or Rental: I doubt that this will get widespread release. So, if you can't see it on the big screen it would be a fine rental.

Length: 90 minutes.