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Movie Review: Hereafter

Alternate Title: From Here to Eternity

Story: I only hope that the hereafter is not as boring as this film. Sorry, but while director Clint Eastwood is a wonderful film maker and writer Peter Morgan has scripted great work - this experience left me cold (no pun intended).

Three unrelated characters and their on-screen experiences will surely come together at the end of the film to reveal what? That there is life after death? That it is all random coincidence? That it is hocus pocus? Oh dear - by this film's end I thought my watch had died from my looking at it so often.

What did not work for me was the repetitive 'been there, done that' scenarios. Yes, they are depicted with that Eastwood easy pace, beautiful lens and quiet demeanor but this film demanded more oomph and less fuzziness.

The three characters on three continents represent all of us, I guess. The psychic, who views his gift more like a curse seems as if life has already been drained out of him. There is an overall sadness to this film that left me indifferent. It could and should have been either uplifting or chilling - but not indifferent.

Check out the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XvJwTYnKww

Acting: Matt Damon as George Lonegan did not have his usual magic moments. Cécile de France as Marie Lelay is lovely - but her part needed more zest. Frankie and George McLaren as Marcus/Jason were delightful. Jay Mohr as Billy was annoying and his toupee was awful. Bryce Dallas Howard as Melanie was too twitchy.

Trivia: In a February 2010 interview with the UK's Daily Telegraph, Clint Eastwood described "Hereafter" as "...three different stories with people who have gone through some sort of stressful time and it's about how they sort of converge together. Much like a lot of French movies have been in the past, where the stories kind of converge together, and destiny drives each person towards the other."

Predilection: I like Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon.

Food: Several scenes take place at a cooking school. Lots of chopping of vegetables takes place.

Blatant Product Placement: Blackberry, Virgin Air, Apple

Soundtrack: Eastwood always has good tracks.

Opening Titles: All titles at the end. The film opens with a terrific tsunami scene.

Visual Art: The attention to detail was wonderful.

Theater Audience: Very crowded for a Thursday early show.

Sappy Factor: 1

Quirky Meter: 0

Squirm Scale: 0

Drift Factor: If drifting means looking at my watch often - I drifted.

Predictability Level: High

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No

Big Screen or Rental: I guess if you are going to see it - the big screen is best.

Length: Long at a bit over two hours.