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Movie Review: The Hunting of the President

Alternate Title: Sex, Cabals and Everything-Gate

Story: Gather 'round all you conspiracy theorists out there. The vast right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton complained about all those years ago turns out to be a very reasonable assumption if you believe what this film depicts (and I do).

This documentary is directed by FOB (friend of Bill) Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry and is based on the book by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons.

It opens with the January 21, 1999 impeachment proceedings against Clinton with the words by Dale Bumpers "How did we come to be here"? The next 90 minutes will take us on an often head shaking, lip biting, stomach turning ride down memory lane as the events from the special prosecutor's office unfold.

How you view this film will depend entirely on your view about Bill Clinton. If you are a fan it will only increase your belief in his skills as a politician. If you hate him from some deep, dark emotional level and are unable to see anything good about him you will not be converted.

The film is a bit heavy handed and one sided and their use of cutesy old film and TV footage to lighten up a point does not work as effectively as it did in The Corporation. All of the stuff we see on the screen seems awfully silly compared to what we see and read in the news today. It all seems so very long ago. As Dale Bumpers said "How did we come to be here?"

Now I have to sit down and start reading Bill Clinton's 900 page book for even more details.

Predilections: I tend to believe in conspiracies, am a political junkie and I like Bill Clinton.

Soapbox: I could go on and on about topic but my friends will have to get the lion's share of my rage as I vowed to keep this movie review site free of most of my political beliefs.

Critters: None. Neither Buddy nor Socks made it into this film.

Soundtrack: A little cheesy.

Opening Titles: All titles are at the end. Just the date and place are superimposed on an opening shot of the Capitol.

Theater Audience: A handful of Clinton supporters who all laughed and applauded at the same places.

Sappy Factor: I longed for some sap.

Squirm Scale: Kenneth Starr makes me squirm.

Oscar Worthy: No.

Big Screen or Rental: Rental would be fine.

Length: 90 minutes