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Movie Review: The Hurricane

Story: Not to be confused with the upcoming The Perfect Storm, this is the story of Rubin Hurricane Carter, a middleweight prizefighter, who in the mid '60's was falsely accused, convicted and twice tried for a triple murder in Paterson NJ (hometown of my ex). It is about strength (physical, emotional and mental), injustice, courage, despair, synchronicity ( a recurring theme in many films of late), obvious good and evil and ultimate freedom. Apparently the facts are toyed with quite loosely but, like The Insider (hint- this film will be on my best list), the bottom line remains the same and it is always uplifting to see the 'good guys' win. It is based on two books - Mr. Carter's autobiography, The 16th Round and Lazarus and the Hurricane, authored by two of the people who helped Carter obtain his freedom. Directed by every liberal's favorite director, Norman Jewsion (In the Heat of the Night, Moonstruck, A Soldier's Story, And Justice for All...and on and on), we ultimately get a moving, inspirational film of survival and triumph. Hip, hip hooray for Norman Jewison!

Acting: What can I say about Denzel Washington? At age 45, he got all buffed and toned and looks simply marvelous in this impassioned, stirring portrayal of Rubin Carter. No one does inner torment and slow burns like Denzel Washington. He is fabulous and I am sure he will get an Oscar nomination for this performance. The rest of the cast are pretty much stereotyped which makes Washington's performance even more three dimensional, except for Vicellous Reon Shannon as Lesra, the young man who acts as the catalyst for the ultimate freeing of Carter. He is very moving indeed.

Pets: None (except for The Green Mile and the Birdman of Alcatraz there are usually no pets in prison movies).

Visual Art: None - but there is great file footage of a young Bob Dylan.

Sappy Factor: 6

Tissue Usage: 2

Soundtrack: 6

Length: 25 minutes over the 2 hour rule