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Movie Review: Illuminata

Story: An homage dedicated to the theater which is set in New York in the early 1900's, with its concerns which include self-absorbtion, sex, art and did I mention horniness? One of the best lines (and there are many) is Fornication is what this business is all about. A generally enjoyable film, but tended to ramble which caused me to look at my watch too often yet it was under the two-hour Lobo rule.

Acting: Directed, produced and also starring John Turturro and most of his family including his wife, Katherine Borowitz, cousin Aida and young son. (Nepotism is one of my most favorite isms). Turns out everyone in the family is talented. (I wonder where the brother who plays in NYPD Blue was?) Also starring Rufus Sewell (very yummy), Susan Sarandon (in a far less serious role than the nun in Dead Man Walking), wonderful cameos by Beverly D'Angelo (has appeared in more independent films than anyone), Ben Gazzara, Bill Irwin and above all, Christopher Walken as an over the top queen of a harsh theater critic - great lines and accent.

Pets: None. Probably could have used a cat or two.

Visual Art: None, unless you count theater sets (I don't).

Sappy Factor: 2

Lobo Howls: 7