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Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

Alternate Title: Some Like it Hot

Story: Long story short, WE ARE DOOMED if we don't change some of our ways. This engaging, informative documentary about global warming is a must see for everyone that cares for our planet and the legacy we are leaving our children.

Al Gore has presented and honed this powerful slide presentation 1000's of times. When director David Guggenheim saw it he thought it would be the basis for an eye-opening documentary. He was right. It is presented in an easy to understand format. It is not preachy and is not overly scientific. It can be understood by people of all ages. It tells us how we got to this alarming state with clear graphs and illustrations. The footage of some of the glaciers calving is both breathtaking and scary.

The film is not a blame game but does not ignore which country is mainly to blame for the CO2 levels (that would be us). It focus' on what we can do and how we can help turn this situation around. Go to www.climatecrisis.net and check it out.

The title 'An Inconvenient Truth' refers to the fact that this present administration has chosen to ignore the facts, edit the truth and put politics above morality. This issue, as Al Gore says, is moral, not political.

Do yourself and the planet a favor and go to see this film. Go in large groups and spread the word. (If you can walk to the theater or take mass transit, that would be a good thing too).

Acting: It is a documentary so acting is not applicable - but I could not help but think that had Al Gore been more like this during the 2000 campaign things would have turned out differently. Sigh.

Predilection: I like this planet. I like Al Gore and voted for him and would do so again.

Blatant Product Placement: Al Gore uses the same Apple laptop that I have - sweet!

Theater Audience: Very crowded for an 11AM show. The theater was filled with all ages.

Sappy Factor: Nothing sappy about the destruction of the planet. Gore's occasional segues into some of his personal history added some sap that I could have done without.

Drift Factor: No drifting here.

Tissue Usage: I cried during the very brief footage of the 2000 election.

Oscar Worthy: Yes

Soap Box: So much to say, so little space. One of the things that Gore said that I liked was that 'political will is a renewable source' - do not despair. Go out and vote for candidates that care for our planet.

Big Screen or Rental: Big screen, please.

Length: 90 minutes