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Movie Review: Inside Man

Alternate Title: Diamonds are Forever

Story: Director Spike Lee goes to Hollywood. His latest film displays all of the behind the camera wisdom he has developed over the years without much of his usual style and over the top message.

This time out we get the standard brazen daylight bank heist perpetrated by a mysterious and brilliant bank robber. The movie has hostages, dark secrets, street smart cops, a cagey powerful woman and a load of New York characters. I was thoroughly entertained. It is a New York story and has Spike Lee's signature including racial profiling, attitude and spunk. The story is presented in a non-linear fashion which adds to its edginess.

Yes, there are some plot holes and it could have used some editing but if you want an early Spring break and two hours of entertainment check out this film and fine cast.

Acting: Whoever decided to have eye candy Clive Owen's face covered for most of the film should never work again. Mr. Owen is always good and makes a perfect bank robber with a conscience. Denzel Washington as the NY cop is very comfortable in this role and it worked well. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christopher Plummer and Willem Defoe played their roles perfectly. Jodie Foster's character did not work as well for me as the others. I found her the scariest character of all.

Predilection: I like capers, Spike Lee, Clive Owen and movies filmed in NYC.

Critters: 0

Food: Pizza

Blatant Product Placement: So many products so little space. To name a few: Apple, Chevrolet, GMC trucks, Cartier and Poland Spring Water.

Soundtrack: Hip Hoppity cool.

Opening Titles: A clean fast opening to get you right into the story.

Visual Art: New York always looks good.

Theater Audience: A very mixed crowd.

Drift Factor: There was some redundancy in the middle and I drifted a bit.

Predictability Level: High

Tissue Usage: 0

Oscar Worthy: No

Nit Picking: Some editing required.

Big Screen or Rental: Either would be fine. For some other Spike Lee films try renting: 25th Hour, The Original Kings of Comedy, Summer of Sam, He Got Game, 4 Little Girls, Get on the Bus, Crooklyn, Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, Mo' Better Blues, Do the Right Thing, School Daze and She's Gotta Have It

Length: Under two hours.