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Movie Review: Intacto

Story: Can you transfer or catch luck from one person to another like catching a cold? That is the premise is this very interesting (gotta do some thinking through this one) film, written and directed by Spanish film maker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

Shot seductively with lots of twists and turns it reminded me of several other films such as Croupier and Unbreakable with a little bit of Reservoir Dogs thrown in (see squirm scale below). Why do some people seem to have all the luck? Who survives and who doesn't? Without revealing too much of the plot - this film will leave you asking questions about luck, chance, fate and above all why can't Hollywood make interesting films like this one?

Director Fresnadillo won Best New Director for this film in last year's Spanish 'Goyas (their Oscars).

Acting: Excellent acting by the entire cast with special kudos to Max Von Sydow who is terrific as the luckiest man.

Predilection: I like films that challenge me.

Critters: A bull (after all - it is taking place in Spain).

Food: No time to eat in this one. Too much running around.

Visual Art: One very dark painting.

Blatant Product Placement: Ford Explorer

Opening Titles: Stark white type on back background. The opening shot looks like a lunar landscape but is actually the Island of Tenerife.

Theater Audience: Pretty crowded.

Quirky Meter: 4

Squirm Scale: Lots of squirming for me. I hid behind my hands for several scenes and shut my eyes for some others. This is a very violent film.

Predictability Level: Did not have a clue what was going to happen until the very end.

Oscar Worthy: It will not be the Spanish Oscar entry this year - so this is moot.

Nit Picking: There is some head scratching in the middle until the plot is made clear.

Big Screen or Rental: Why not the big screen?

Length: Under 2 hours.