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Movie Review: Junebug

Alternate Title: You Can't Go Home Again

Story: Visiting family after you have grown up and left home can be tricky. This very interesting and engaging film directed by Phil Morrison and written by Angus MacLachlan does not fall into all of the expected cliches. It is a slow (emphasis on S-L-O-W) film that sticks with you long after you have left the theater.

George left the southern comfort (or discomfort) of his North Carolina routes and ventured north to Chicago where he married 'outsider' art gallery owner Madeleine. He returns to his roots with her (on her search for the ultimate 'outsider' artist who happens to live close to where George was raised). Our story begins.

Coming home is fraught with north versus south stereotypes. I was delighted to find that none of the politics that I expected from the different points of view were depicted. We are left to draw our own conclusions. The characters we meet are all engaging and much of the storyline about each character is left unexplained. That is the genius of the film. We can fill in the blanks ourselves.

If you like a fabulous ensemble cast, heavy emphasis on character driven stories but short on action, check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Acting: Kudos all around. The casting agent should get an award for this group of talented actors. Special recognition goes to Amy Adams (Catch Me if you Can), as Ashley for her terrific performance.Embeth Davidtz as the gallery owner was marvelous and was George (Allesandro Nivola). The rest of the cast, Frank Hoyt Taylor, Benjamin McKenzie, Scott Wilson and Celia Weston rocked.

Predilection: None. The theater was close to where we were and since it was 300 degrees in the baked Apple it seemed like a good idea to sit in an air conditioned theater.

Food: Lots of home cooked stuff.

Blatant Product Placement: Volvo and Apple

Soundtrack: Original and refreshing.

Opening Titles: Jarring

Visual Art: Special attention to the details of the southern home were noted.

Theater Audience: Packed.

Predictability Level: I did not know where this was headed.

Oscar Worthy: If this film has legs it would not surprise me if Amy Adams got some nomination.

Big Screen or Rental: If you want to relax and sit back and watch some character development than the big screen is for you.

Length: Under two hours.