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Movie Review: Limbo

Story: John Sayles' (I am a major fan) twelfth film continues his grand storytelling style. His master film-making tradition of weaving many stories and characters, past and present, takes us to Juneau, Alaska (hence the cold). In part one, we find a transitional community filled with unemployed pulp workers and fisherman trying to reinvent themselves as handymen, drug runners, entrepeneurs, etc. Everyone has a dark, sad past, leading us to the three main characters and what accidently enfolds when they connect leading us into a quasi- action film in part two.

Acting: David Strathairn, in his best role ever, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, in a breakout mid-career performance, and introducing Vanessa Martinez (looking at a long career here) as the sad-eyed teenage daughter. Many fine supporting characters and of course there is Alaska with its beauty and the hilarious tourist business as backdrops.

LOBO HOWLS: 9 (lost some credit because it went over the 2 hour Lobo rule).