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Movie Review: The Limey

Story: A simple, compact, stylish, masterpiece of a film in the genre of High Noon, where a lone character comes to town to avenge a wrong - works his magic - and leaves. Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies and Videotape, Kafka and Out of Sight) brilliantly directs this nonlinear story where time moves seamlessly back and forth to tell the story. This film is being added to my 'Best of 1999' list. (Note: I read somewhere that limey is slang for the British sailors of olde who would suck on citrus fruits to prevent scurvy at sea. Do you think this is true?)

Acting: Terrance Stamp, is added to the actors who can do no wrong in my book (you know who the others are) is strikingly hypnotic and looks fabulous as Wilson, The Limey - as fabulous as he did in his comeback performance as a woman, in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Soderbergh treats us to flashbacks of the real Terrance Stamp of 1967, in his debut film, Poor Cow,as he weaves the past into the text of the film. Peter Fonda (not my favorite Fonda) is perfectly slick and has the best look of a guy who lived in the60's (the background music when we first see him is very amusing). Lesley Ann Warren (one of the reigning Indie Queens), slimy Barry Newman and Luis Guzman (who you will recognize as the Latino from central casting for the last 25 years) are all terrific. We are also introduced to Nicky Katt, who plays one of the minor hitmen who was absolutely great. I would like to see more of him. And I must mention Los Angeles (this film could not have been filmed anywhere else) in a perfect supporting role.

Visual Art: The whole movie was a visual treat.

Pets: None

Length: A perfect 90 minutes.