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Movie Review: Lucie Aubrec

Story: This is one of those films that reminds us that all of the French were not collaborators during WWII. (Probably should be mandatory viewing for all of the French people living today - oh, oh, I am drifting into my political issues). Based on 80 year old Lucie Aubrac's memoirs of her involvement with the French Resistance and the daring rescue she orchestrated for her husband's release from prison, where he sat on death row, accused of terrorism because of his involvement with the Resistance. It is an old-fashioned film without any of the fancy special effects or razzle dazzle that bombard us in our 90's form of film making. A bit slow, but enjoyable.

Acting: Lots of French people looking very serious and stoic.

Visual Art: None

Pets: None

Sappy Factor: 3 (but it is a true story, so I am not sure if it counts).

Length: Just shy of the 2 hour rule