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Movie Review: Me You Them

Story: You might think that the term alternative lifestyle is a modern urban description of some people that you know, but this film's unorthodox view of life in Northern Brazil made me scratch my head, smile and chuckle. It definitely redefined my preconceived thoughts (if I actually had any) of what life might be like in a land we think of as mucho macho. Based on a true story about a peasant woman who collects husbands and bears children by most of them in a most unusual quasi-communal state of group existence. Brazilian director Andrucha Waddington gives us a charming surprising depiction of this upside down living arrangement and the incredible tolerance of its members. This film won't change your life - but it is a tender little story about men, women, understanding and life.

Acting: Regina Case is such a big TV and film star in Brazil that her name appears before the title. She is mother earth personified. She reminded me of Sophia Loren when she was younger. She was terrific as the much adored female in the group, Darlene. All of her men and the children are wonderful.

Critters: Several burros (or donkeys or mules). I don't know which except that they are'beasts of burden and a means of transportation.

Food: Lots of beans and rice.

Visual Art: The landscape of this arid desert area of Brazil was quite extraordinary.

Blatant Product Placement: None

Soundtrack: A terrific track by Gilberto Gil.

Opening Titles: A very effective stark red type against a deep black background.

Theater Audience: About 20 adventurous souls braved out in the storm that never happened in NYC. Everybody had on so many winter clothing items including gloves, hats, scarves, muck-a-lucks, gaiters and fleece that each person took up about three seats.

Quirky Meter: 3

Oscar Worthy: no

Nit Picking: I know this is nuts but I couldn't help being distracted by the Portuguese language that the characters were speaking. Portuguese has always sounded like gibberish to me. I usually think people are making it up.

Big Screen or Rental: Rental

Length: 110 minutes.